Thursday, April 15, 2010

Shoe Organizer & Applique Name Pillows

I have to be organized in order to have 2 fashion forward daughters in one room, hahha. I use to keep all of their shoes in a small child sized shoe organizer, but we quickly out grew it's 6 pockets and then I started sitting their shoes on top of the dressers, but soon it became a pile and I really miss having the dresser top for picture frames and 'pretties'. After looking around online to buy a larger shoe organizer I decided to make one because I couldn't find one with child sized pockets in girl colors. I really like that this one is made out of scraps that I had laying around. They are from other projects that I've done for the girls so it's almost a collage of some of the things I have made for them.

The color is off in these photos. The green on their walls is a very happy lighter spring green and here it looks muddy. The shoe organizer is really much brighter than it shows here too.

It's hidden behind the door. I hope this will stop Emmy from taking out all the shoes. I hung it up using those velcro wall stickers. I had to stitch them to the fabric on the top back and the other ones I stuck directly to the wall. This is pretty heavy and I'm impressed that it's holding.

Filled and boy does this look so much better than the pile of shoes on top of the dresser.
The pink fabric with dots is from Lilah's car seat cover and the Aqua with dots is from Lilah's newborn car seat cover and the lighter pink fabric is Barbie material that I used when I made a cover for their new kiddy couch. The background material is the same as the stroller liner I made a few weeks back.

I was inspired by a gift that my friends new little baby got. I decided to try my hand at applique and for my first attempts I'm pretty happy. Each of the girls has one and I used a beautiful fabric one of my best girlies gave me *thanks* on the other side. This way they double as couch pillows on one side but fun and funky on the other and I think the girls will really like them! I definitely learned alot while making these and now know what to change to make them turn out better next time.

I can see myself getting obsessed with applique. It's sooooo fun!!

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